Meet Our Qualified Instructors

Hash Hashemian

Greg Morton

Chief Technical Officer
Mr. Greg Morton has 25 years of experience working with I&C systems of nuclear power plants, and oversees all technical activities for AMS.

Casey Sexton

Cable Services Group Manager
Mr. Casey Sexton is the manager of the Cable Services Group and directs all laboratory and field services for the testing and evaluation of electrical cables.

Brent Shumaker

Senior Engineering Manager
Mr. Brent Shumaker has over 20 years of software application development and Instrumentation & Control system testing experience in nuclear power plants.

Ryan O’Hagan

Marketing Manager
Mr. Ryan O’Hagan manages all international and domestic marketing, sales, and business operations for AMS products and services.

Chad Kiger

EMC Engineering Manager
Mr. Chad Kiger oversees the development of wireless compatibility, cable testing capabilities, and EMI/RFI testing and troubleshooting.