AMS Training Course - Testing & Troubleshooting Of I&C Systems For Nuclear Facilities
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Our courses are designed for utilities, vendors, educators, and regulators involved with nuclear power plants, research reactors, fuel fabrication facilities, national and international laboratories, and universities.


All course modules include hands-on work or demonstrations with state-of-the-art test equipment, hardware, software demonstrations, and interactive discussions.


The course modules are taught by senior AMS engineers led by company president Dr. H.M. Hashemian. The instructors have up to 30 years of experience and have worked in nuclear power plants worldwide.

AMS products and services cover a wide range from in-situ measurement of dynamic performance of I&C sensors to rod control system diagnostics, digital I&C equipment qualification, wireless technology implementation for equipment condition monitoring, cable testing, management of aging of critical plant equipment, online calibration monitoring of process sensors, computer-aided testing, and development of specialized data acquisition equipment and data analysis algorithms in support of reactor operation and maintenance.


What Others Are Saying
  • "After 17 of years of being in the industry, I finally made it to the AMS facility. The entire staff showed professionalism and courtesy."

  • "Sometimes people might wonder if all the work they put in to make this course was worth it, my new knowledge on I&C practical applications and very positive impression of AMS staff would say yes!”

  • "The real examples RTDs, pressure transmitters, RPI coil stacks, etc. was useful in visualizing some of the concepts. Nice to put your hands on some of the equipment."

  • "I particularly enjoyed the young engineers doing some of the lab presentations. Also, a good mix of OE was used in the classroom and labs was beneficial."

  • “During the lectures and labs everyone was very knowledgeable and provided detailed information for their specific areas. The facilities were awesome and the hospitality show daily”

  • “1st class all the way. Very customer friendly. Best training course I have had from a vendor.”

  • “Very knowledgeable staff, excellent facilities, professional and personal organization”

  • “Outstanding course and very beneficial. Strongly recommend the class to fellow peers.”

  • “Hospitality is second to none. The employees were very helpful and knowledgeable”

  • “Knowledge of presenters was fantastic and willingness to answer all questions was greatly appreciated”


Meet Our Qualified Instructors

Hash Hashemian

Dr. Hashemian has over 40 years of experience testing the instrumentation and control systems of nuclear facilities and lectures frequently around the world.

Greg Morton

Chief Technical Officer
Mr. Greg Morton has 25 years of experience working with I&C systems of nuclear power plants, and oversees all technical activities for AMS.

Casey Sexton

Cable Services Group Manager
Mr. Casey Sexton is the manager of the Cable Services Group and directs all laboratory and field services for the testing and evaluation of electrical cables.

Brent Shumaker

Senior Engineering Manager
Mr. Brent Shumaker has over 20 years of software application development and Instrumentation & Control system testing experience in nuclear power plants.

Ryan O’Hagan

Marketing Manager
Mr. Ryan O’Hagan manages all international and domestic marketing, sales, and business operations for AMS products and services.

Chad Kiger

EMC Engineering Manager
Mr. Chad Kiger oversees the development of wireless compatibility, cable testing capabilities, and EMI/RFI testing and troubleshooting.