5-Day Training Course

This 5-day training course on Testing & Troubleshooting of I&C Systems for Nuclear Facilities presents a comprehensive review of process instrumentation, in-situ techniques for testing the response time of process instruments, on-line calibration verification of sensors, reactor diagnostics, computer-aided testing, predictive maintenance, management of aging of process instrumentation, EMI/RFI troubleshooting, EMC qualification testing, and more.  The course is designed for utilities, vendors, educators, and regulators involved with nuclear power plants, research reactors, fuel fabrication facilities, national and international laboratories, and universities.

Custom Training Course

A selection of some of our custom training courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Instrumentation
  • Online Calibration Monitoring of Process Instrumentation
  • Typical Instrumentation Problems in NPPs
  • Cable Condition Monitoring and Aging Management
  • Sensor Response Time Testing
  • Diagnostics and Prognostics
  • EMI / RFI Issues and EMC Testing
  • Wireless Technology Implementation in NPPs

Equipment Training

For clients who have purchased AMS testing equipment, AMS offers equipment training courses and workshops to the client’s personnel on the use and maintenance of the equipment. These courses are conducted at the client’s facility or at the AMS headquarters over a period of one or two days, depending on the specific needs of the client and the level of training required for the specific equipment purchased. These courses cover the theory of the tests, the operation of the equipment, hands-on work with the equipment, as well as equipment maintenance and calibration procedures.