AMS offers a number of different training courses on nuclear instrumentation and control (I&C) technologies and process maintenance—from a 5-day master training class to 1- and 3-day specialty courses and workshops in the following areas:
  • Fundamentals of Nuclear Power Plant Instrumentation
  • Process Instrumentation
  • I&C Maintenance
  • I&C Aging Management
  • EMC and Wireless Technology
  • On-line Monitoring Equipment
  • Process Condition Monitoring
  • Other Related Subjects

AMS training courses are designed for nuclear industry professionals, including utilities, vendors, educators, and regulators involved with nuclear power plants, research reactors, fuel fabrication facilities, national and international laboratories, and educators in universities to learn the practical aspects of nuclear power plant instrumentation.

AMS training courses are taught by senior-level AMS engineers led by company president and CEO Dr. H.M. Hashemian. The instructors have more than 75 years of combined experience testing I&C systems in essentially all the U.S. nuclear power plants and many in Europe and Asia.


Dr. H.M. Hashemian
Dr. Hashemian has over 40 years of experience testing the instrumentation and control systems of nuclear facilities and lectures frequently around the world. READ MORE


Mr. Greg Morton
Mr. Greg Morton has nearly 25 years of experience working with instrumentation and control systems of nuclear power plants, and oversees all technical activities for AMS. READ MORE


Mr. Brent Shumaker
As Senior Systems Development Engineer at AMS, Mr. Brent Shumaker has over 15 years of software application development and instrumentation and control system testing experience in nuclear power plants. READ MORE


Dr. Chad Kiger
Dr. Chad Kiger oversees the development of wireless compatibility, cable testing capabilities, and EMI/RFI testing and troubleshooting for AMS. READ MORE


Mr. Ryan O’Hagan
Mr. Ryan O’Hagan manages all international and domestic marketing, sales, and business operations for AMS products and services. READ MORE


Mr. Casey Sexton
Mr. Casey Sexton has been with AMS for more than 25 years and is the manager of the Cable Services Group where he directs all laboratory and field services for the testing and evaluation of electrical cables. READ MORE

AMS training courses are usually held at AMS’ modern training facility at the company’s main headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee (USA). Various courses can also be conducted at specific locations in Europe and Asia to best fit the needs of the client or attendees. AMS will also bring the course to any company or organization that enrolls a minimum of five people.

AMS training courses are presented in a classroom setting in the mornings with hands-on laboratory experiments in the afternoons. During the 5-day master course, one afternoon is free for the participants to spend at their discretion and another afternoon is devoted to one-on-one discussions between the participants and AMS course instructors, engineers, and managers.

training_shotCOURSE MATERIAL
The course material for AMS courses is derived from the latest available technical information available. AMS continually tracks, analyzes, and assembles the most recent, cutting-edge advances in the field. Each attendee of an AMS course is provided with a package of teaching material to supplement the course, including the course presentation slides and related resources such as technical papers, books, and industry reports.

After successful completion of the course, each attendee will receive a formal Certificate of Attendance signed by the course instructors and AMS management.

For more information on AMS training courses or to register for a specific course, please email at or call 865-691-1756, ext. 221.